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As a member you will get access to our huge porno network. We have also entered into a collaboration with a major scandinavian porn producer, and you now have access to all movies and pictures from,,, and much much more.

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  Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use the card at
It is 100% secure. We use one of the biggest payment companies. All the transactions are encrypted so no one will ever have access to your card information.

What will be written on my bank statement?
Discretion is very important to us, so on your bank statement it will be nothing with reference to or any porn related terms. Since we use some of the world's largest (and most secure) payment intermediaries, it is their name that will appear on your bank statement.

How long does it take for the access to the members' area?
After you sign-up it takes only a couple of minutes before you can download all the movies and pictures you want :)

Do I need special software for enjoying my membership?
NO! :) We use ONLY standard formats that work on ALL the computers.

How many movies and pictures do I get access to?
Inside the members area we have hundreds of DVD's and thousands of pictures - you have unlimited access to all.

What format are the movies on the members area?
We upload all are movies in several formats: MPEG and WMV. The MPEG files work on ALL the computers, you donĀ“t need any additional codecs and it works on MAC, as well.

How is the quality of the movies on members area?
We convert all our movies from DVDs and MINIDVDs and upload them on a very high quality. MPEG movies have a bitrate of 1300 kbits, while WMV have a bitrade of 1024 kbits, corresponding to DVD quality. You WILL NOT find any low quality movies with us!

Can I use Macintosh?
YES! :) We use MPEG format that works on ALL computers.
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